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Definition: Bluetooth tracker

A small device that is attached to items such as a phone, eyeglass case or keyring, which are often misplaced. Trackers can even locate where a car is parked. A mobile app communicates with the tracker via Bluetooth and records its location the last time it was in range.

The Tracker Network Is a Major Benefit
When the tracker is out of range of the mobile app, the assistance of the user community is enlisted behind the scenes. All users with that tracker's app running in the background become part of the network silently picking up the signals from every tracker in the vicinity. The data are sent to the vendor's cloud waiting for a user to report a missing item. See vehicle tracking.

Popular Trackers
The Tile (left) popularized the Bluetooth tracker industry; however, there are several others on the market such as the TrackR Bravo (right). Using button cell batteries to keep the units small, trackers can be attached to almost anything. See AirTag, SmartTag and SyncUP Tracker.