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Definition: crypto glossary basics

The following are links to essential crypto definitions in this encyclopedia. For additional links, see crypto glossary.

Crypto is one complicated field, and because it is relatively new, methods and terminology are constantly evolving. See crypto complexity.

A blockchain-based digital currency. See crypto and cryptocurrency.

crypto stats
Useful information portals. See crypto stats.

The cryptocurrency that started the crypto revolution. See Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining.

The network architecture behind cryptocurrencies and smart contracts. See blockchain.

A major blockchain platform for crypto and smart contracts. See Ethereum and Bitcoin vs. Ethereum.

major blockchains
A list of major blockchain networks. See major blockchains and native cryptocurrency.

smart contract
Software on a programmable blockchain that performs myriad functions. See Ethereum.

Blockchain-based certification of ownership. See NFT.

(Decentralized Finance) Blockchain-based finance without the middleman. See DeFi.

yield farming
Lending, borrowing and staking tokens to make money. See yield farming.

An auxiliary blockchain that operates in parallel to the main chain. See sidechain.

block reward
The incentive for miners to add blocks to the blockchain. See crypto block reward.

crypto token
A representation of a crypto asset. See Ethereum token and crypto token.

crypto exchange
An online provider for buying, selling and trading crypto. See crypto exchange.

crypto wallet
The software interface for exchanging crypto. See crypto wallet and crypto wallet address.

crypto address
The identification of a user on a blockchain. See crypto address.

A non-Bitcoin cryptocurrency. See altcoin.

trading pairs
A pair of cryptocurrencies that make swapping simple. See crypto trading pair.

Logos and trading symbols. See crypto symbol.