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Definition: WAAS

(1) See Windows as a service.

(2) (WaaS) (Workspace As A Service) A thin client architecture that is delivered from a cloud service provider. The difference between WaaS (workspace) and DaaS (desktop) services is that the workspace model offers a complete computer environment that is fully populated with antivirus, backup and more. Although both terms may be used synonymously, the desktop model is typically just the OS desktop. See DaaS and XaaS.

(2) (Wide Area Augmentation System) A system of earth stations and satellites that improves the tracking accuracy of the GPS navigation system to approximately 10 feet. Deployed in 2003, WAAS comprises a group of 25 reference stations and two satellites that cover North America. The stations track the GPS satellites and send correction signals to the WAAS satellites, which transmit them to WAAS-enabled receivers. See GPS augmentation system and GPS.