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Definition: XaaS

(anything As A Service) Cloud computing services. The "aaS" suffix has become very popular.

   Acronym  As a Service

   BaaS     See cloud storage.

   BDaaS    Big data

   BPaaS    Business process

   CPaaS    Communications platform

   DaaS     Desktop or Data

   DQaaS    Data Quality

   DRaaS    Disaster recovery

   FaaS     See serverless computing.

   IaaS     Infrastructure

   IDaaS    Identity

   IPaaS    Integration

   ITaaS    IT (hardware & software)

   MaaS     See TaaS.

   NaaS     Network

   PaaS     Platform

   PhaaS    Phishing

   QaaS     Quantum computing

   RaaS     Robotics

   SaaS     Software

   TaaS     Transportation

   SoSaaS   Not genuine SaaS

   UCaaS    Unified communications

   WaaS     Workspace