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Definition: Android CDE

For more than a decade, we donated the Android version of this encyclopedia to the community without charge and without distracting ads. However, every so often Google drops support of various routines, and the code had to be updated.

Paid and Unpaid
We financed the development of this app for the first five years. Volunteers kept it up-to-date ever since; however, they have moved on to other projects. This may very well be the last Android version, because it is crashing in various OS releases. To date, we have isolated the problem but not yet found a solution, most likely because since its inception, more than a half dozen programmers have added code to the program. The logic is probably a mess.

The Plan: Drop the Mobile Apps
In 2018, our website ComputerLanguage.com was revamped into a responsive site that works equally well on phones as it does on computer screens. For the past three years, the plan has been to eliminate our mobile apps. We dropped the iOS version a while back and plan to do the same with Android. See ComputerLanguage.com and responsive Web design.