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Definition: Android CDE

The August 2021 Android version of this encyclopedia (entitled "Computer Desktop Encyclopedia" on Google Play; release #230) was our final mobile app. Starting in 2010, we donated our Android version to the community without charge and without ads. However, every so often Google dropped support of various routines, and the code had to be updated. Although we financed development for the first six years, volunteers in India kept it up-to-date until the COVID crisis in 2021.

The Plan All Along: Drop the Mobile Apps
In 2018, our ComputerLanguage.com website was revamped into a responsive site for all screen sizes. As a result, we eliminated the iOS version soon after and planned the same for Android. The only reason we waited was because of the wonderful 4.8-star rating on Google Play (hard to give up that kind of publicity).

Also in 2021, Google made changes to the platform again, and the app began crashing in Android versions old and new. At that point, there seemed no reason to continue and we executed the plan we made three years prior, which was to drop all mobile versions.

Thank You
Thanks to all our loyal readers who have enjoyed the Android version over the years and for the wonderful comments you have given us. To continue using our content, please bookmark ComputerLanguage.com. See ComputerLanguage.com and responsive Web design.