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Definition: Android CDE

For more than a decade, we have donated our Android version to the community without charge and without distracting ads, especially annoying on small screens. However, every so often Google drops support of various routines, and the code has to be updated. Over the years, Abhimanyu and Anjali Garg of India-based Apogaeis.com have generously donated their time fixing our code to meet Google's latest demands.

Google Did It Again in Late 2020
In November 2020, the source code for all Android apps had to be upgraded to a more recent version of the Android operating system. Once again, Apogaeis updated the code so that we could deploy the app.

The Next Change?
We never know when Google will require changes and whether we will be able to deploy the next version in a timely fashion. That means the version you are reading now could be our last update for a while.

Our Website Is Up-To-Date
However, at any time, you can go to ComputerLanguage.com for our definitions, which is always kept up-to-date. Fortunately, website code does not have to be changed very often. Otherwise, tens of millions of sites would have to be updated possibly as frequently as every year. In contrast, mobile and desktop operating systems are another breed because they are owned by profit-making corporations. Whenever Microsoft, Apple or Google decides it is no longer willing to incur the expense of maintaining older applications, the apps must be changed in order to continue working. See ComputerLanguage.com.