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Definition: ComputerLanguage.com

In 2019, the title of our website changed from Computer Desktop Encyclopedia to the URL of the website, which is also the name of our company: The Computer Language Company Inc.

A Whole Lotta Names
In 1981, the encyclopedia began as The Computer Glossary. On floppies, it was Electronic Computer Glossary. Our book publisher named it Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, and due to our online licensing, at various times we were TechEncyclopedia, ZDNet Dictionary and just plain Encyclopedia. For more than a dozen years, we have been PCMag.com Encyclopedia.

Branding is a major part of marketing; however, we did not understand the importance of that strategy when we first went online more than two decades ago. Brand development means ensuring a single name becomes well known, and that we did not do.

In August 2018, we changed our website to a responsive design that works equally well on small phone screens as it does on desktops. As a result, we eliminated our iOS app and plan to do the same with our Android app. We also plan to eliminate our Windows subscription at the end of 2019, which after 25 years is unfortunate because it is exceptional software. However, our content is free on our website and available to everyone, and there is little point in maintaining so many versions.

In addition, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia (CDE) is quite a mouthful and less relevant in today's mobile world. Although "CDE" is less to say, it has no relationship to where we are online. Progress marches on. So after telling people for years to go to ComputerLanguage.com, it seemed that the only rightful name on our website should be its URL. In May of 2019, our website banner was changed to ComputerLanguage.com. See About this encyclopedia.