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Definition: 3D audio

(1) A variety of techniques that simulate surround sound from a single pair of stereo speakers (left and right channels). Also called "virtual surround sound" and employed in sound cards to enhance gaming, 3D audio uses signal processing techniques that simulate sounds coming from all directions. See OpenAL, Dolby Digital and Auro-3D.

(2) (3D Audio) An MPEG-H standard for surround sound audio delivery. 3D Audio supports object-based audio and up to 128 virtual and 64 physical channels. It also supports higher-order ambiosonics (HOA) for sounds above and below the listener. 3D Audio handles traditional speaker layouts such as 5.1 and 7.1, as well as 22.2, which includes 10 middle, 9 upper and 3 lower channels plus two subwoofers. See object-based audio, surround sound and MPEG-H.