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Definition: zero trust security

An extremely cautious approach to network and datacenter security that enforces authentication of users, machines and applications. There is no single zero trust (ZT) scenario. The term implies that nothing is taken for granted even in a secure area of a building. The zero trust motto is "never trust, always verify."

A zero trust program starts by identifying sensitive data, mapping their flows throughout the organization and defining the perimeters wherein the data are visible. In addition to routine precautions such as authentication and authorization, limiting data access to employees within the perimeters is a guiding principle. See behavior detection, security and trustless.

What a World!
Do we trust each other less in the 21st century, or is technology just making it more apparent? This Netflix documentary in early 2022 is about a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange that lost nearly $200 million in bitcoins (see QuadrigaCX). (Image courtesy of Netflix.)