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Definition: QuadrigaCX

A defunct cryptocurrency exchange created by Gerald Cotten. Named after a chariot drawn by four horses, and once the largest crypto exchange in Canada, QuadrigaCX made the headlines in 2019 when Cotten died in India at age 30 from complications of Crohn's disease. This was after Bitcoin was plummeting in value and investors were unable to withdraw their coins from their Quadriga accounts. According to Jennifer Robertson, Cotten's wife, he was the only person who had the keys to nearly $200 million in investors' bitcoins.

Unconfirmed Theories
Many wild theories were posted on social media that eventually led to discovering a history of deception around Cotten before he created Quadriga, leading many to believe it was all a Ponzi scheme. See exit scam and crypto glossary.

The Whole Story
In 2022, Netflix released this documentary about the exchange. (Image courtesy of Netflix.)