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Definition: CryptoPunks

An NFT collection of 10,000 computer-generated pop art characters from Larva Labs. Introduced in 2017, there are 6,039 male and 3,840 female CryptoPunks, and sales have reached the stratosphere. Total revenue has surpassed $1.5 billion, and characters routinely sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Because the images are generated by an algorithm, the ones with unique features are considered the most valuable (see below).

Some Punk Stats
In January 2022, the CryptoPunks website reported that more than 12,000 sales were made in 2021 and that the lowest current price for an available Punk was nearly $200,000. See NFT.

Sample CryptoPunks
In mid-2021, these CryptoPunks sold for the highest prices. The top dozen appear on the CryptoPunks website. (Image courtesy of Larva Labs, www.larvalabs.com)