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Definition: pin

(1) (PIN) (Personal Identification Number) An abbreviated password from four to six digits. The PIN is an essential verification method to authenticate debit cards at a terminal. It may also be required for various credit card transactions over the phone, and it is an option in most mobile devices instead of a lengthier password or biometric method. See passcode and password.

(2) The male lead on a chip, RAM module, expansion card or cable connector. Each pin plugs into its female counterpart to complete the circuit. The number of pins reflects the number of wires/pathways that carry signals. See chip package, memory module, expansion card and plugs and sockets.

(3) To place an object onto a start menu, taskbar or home screen. For example, in Windows, "Pin to Taskbar" places the application icon onto the taskbar. The Mac equivalent is "Keep in Dock." See Pinterest.

(4) Keeping a single application on screen in a mobile device. See screen pinning.