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Definition: LPDDR SDRAM

(LowPower DDR SDRAM) SDRAM memory for mobile devices. Also called "mobile DDR" (mDDR). Supporting 16 and 32-bit channels rather than the 64-bit paths in laptop and desktop computers, LPDDR modules are soldered on the device's motherboard and not removable like DIMM modules in computers. Following are the LPDDR generations. See SDRAM.

        Memory Speed   Voltage
           (MHz)       Required

  LPDDR4X   2133        0.6
  LPDDR4E   2133        1.1-1.8
  LPDDR4    1600        1.1-1.8

  LPDDR3E   1067        1.2-1.8
  LPDDR3     800        1.2-1.8

  LPDDR2E    533.3      1.2-1.8
  LPDDR2     400        1.2-1.8

  LPDDR1E    266.7      1.8
  LPDDR1     200        1.8