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Definition: satellite frequency bands

Following are the frequency ranges used in satellite communications. See communications satellite, 5G frequency bands and optical bands.

 L-band (390 MHz-1.55 GHz)
 GPS satellites, satellite phones,
  misc commsats,
  SETI outer space exploration

 S-band (1.55-5.2 GHz)
 weather satellites, XM/Sirius radio

 C-band (3-7 GHz) (first satellite band)
 misc GEO commsats, cable TV, cellular
  satellite TV (7-10 ft. steerable dishes)
 See C-band.

 X-band (8-12 GHz)
 misc commsats

 Ku-band (12-18 GHz)
 TV network satellite distribution, misc
  commsats, satellite TV (18" dishes)

 K-band (18-27 GHz)
 short-range applications due to
 high atmospheric attenuation

 Ka-band (26.5-40 GHz)
 misc commsats, radar, satphone backhaul

 V-band (40-75 GHz)
 high capacity, short range