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Definition: C-band

A part of the mid-band spectrum from 3 to 7 GHz. The C-band was the first frequency band used by commercial satellites. It is also used for cable TV and upcoming 5G cellular service.

For 5G Spectrum Auction
In December 2020, the auction began for spectrum in the 3.7-3.98 GHz range for 5G. The auction consists of a series of rounds that last several weeks and is expected to bring in $30 billion to the U.S. government. Satellite companies have agreed to give up spectrum for compensation. See satellite frequency bands, 5G frequency bands and optical bands.

 CBRS (3.55 GHz-3.7 GHz)
 Citizens Broadcast Radio Service

 C-Band (3.7 GHz-4.2 GHz)
 weather satellites, SiriusXM radio