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Definition: WordPress

(1) A popular blog service from Automattic Inc. that lets anyone write and publish a blog. The www.wordpress.com site is the blog service, while www.wordpress.org provides the Wordpress software for installation on a company's own server (definition #2).

(2) A popular open source blog and website publishing program that is installed on the customer's Web server. Introduced in 2003, WordPress is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database. Noted for its rich features, WordPress "Themes" provide numerous templates from which to choose a look and feel. In addition, the site can be enhanced with dialogs such as user registration, user feedback and password protection. Although WordPress was initially developed to create a blog website, it is very popular for authoring websites without blog content. For more information, visit www.wordpress.org. See blog service and blog.

WordPress Themes
Many site design choices are available for WordPress users, who can actually change their theme as often as they wish.