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Definition: Wine

(Wine Is Not an Emulator) Software that runs Windows applications under Linux and Unix on an x86 PC. Wine runs Windows executables intact, trapping calls from the application to the Windows interface, converting them as necessary and directing them to X Window routines that do the processing. Unlike virtual machine software such as Parallels and VMware Fusion, Wine does not require a copy of the Windows OS to be installed. For more information, visit www.winehq.com. See X Window, WABI and x86.

"Wine Bottles" on the Mac
Codeweaver's CrossOver Mac implements Wine on a Mac computer and places the programs in a "Bottles" folder. This folder hierarchy shows the path to Info Select, a Windows personal information manager (PIM) running under Wine on the Mac. For more information, visit www.codeweavers.com. See path and Info Select.