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Definition: Windows Server 2012

The previous version of Windows Server superseding Windows Server 2008. Microsoft dropped support for the Itanium computer family, and Windows Server 2012 runs only on 64-bit x86 CPUs. Along with updated Hyper-V virtualization software, many improvements in Windows Server 2012 were aimed at supporting cloud computing. It also includes a new file system (see ReFS) and IP address management (see IPAM). See Windows Server 2016.

Revision 2 (Windows Server 2012 R2)
Released in mid-2013, service pack 2 included numerous enhancements to its virtualization capability including Hyper-V Replica, which enables a disaster recovery site to be easily set up and tested. R2 also added storage tiering (see HSM) and Workplace Join, the latter enabling user's laptops and mobile devices to function in an Active Directory domain. See Windows Server Essentials.

   Edition of             SMP
   Windows Server 2012    Support  RAM

   64-bit Foundation      1-way   32GB

   64-bit Essentials      2-way   64GB

   64-bit Standard       64-way    4TB

   64-bit DataCenter     64-way    4TB