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Definition: Windows Libraries

A folder shortcut feature starting in Windows 7. Libraries show up in Explorer and application Open/Save dialogs along with all the other folders. The default Libraries point to the Documents, Music, Pictures and Videos folders, and users can create and name their own. Although a Library is only a shortcut to a folder, a subfolder can be created within a Library, and Windows creates it physically in the real folder. In Mac computers, there is a counterpart to Windows Libraries (see Mac folder shortcuts).

Later Hidden
Starting with Windows 8, Libraries default to not showing. To enable Libraries, in Explorer, select View/Navigation Pane/Show libraries.

Optimize by Content Type
For fast searching, Libraries can be optimized based on type of content. To configure this, right click the Library name and select Properties/Optimize this library for: and choose a category. See Windows, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Standard Libraries
Four standard Libraries point to the Documents, Music, Pictures and Videos folders in the computer.