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Definition: Windows 3.x modes

The 16-bit versions of Windows (Windows 3.x) operated in the following modes. See Windows.
   Windows     Real  Standard  Enhanced
   Version     Mode  Mode      Mode

   3.0          X     X         X
   3.1                X         X
   WFW 3.11                     X

386 Enhanced Mode (386 and up)
The primary mode for Windows 3.1 and Windows for Workgroups. It used the 386's virtual capabilities, and DOS applications could be multitasked in the background and run in resizable windows.

Standard Mode (Win 3.x, 286 and up)
Used when applications did not work under 386 Enhanced Mode.

Real Mode (Win 3.x, 286 and up)
Used for compatibility with DOS applications and earlier Windows 1.x and 2.x applications.