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Definition: WOLED

(White OLED) An OLED display panel that emits white light. WOLEDs are the backlight in most OLED TVs, which use color filters somewhat similar to LED TVs. With LG the leader in the field, WOLED TVs have a greater viewing angle than LED TVs. In contrast, RGB OLED, mostly used in smartphones, emits red, green and blue light directly. See LED TV and OLED.

WOLED for Lighting
White OLEDs are also used for illumination and offer a lot of flexibility in the design of light fixtures. The lights can be flat or flexible and shaped into myriad designs. They are also very efficient. An incandescent bulb emits from 10 to 15 lumens per watt; fluorescent from 40 to 90 lumens. However, in 2014, Cree was the first company to achieve 300 lumens per watt in a mixed WOLED/LED light bulb. See OLED lighting and LED bulb.

WOLED Subpixels
In white OLED (WOLED) displays, red, green and blue OLED layers combine to beam white light through color subpixel filters to the viewer. In contrast, RGB OLED uses separate red, green and blue subpixel emitters. (Note: elements not drawn to scale.)