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Definition: Scrivener

An authoring system for professional writers from Literature and Latte (www.literatureandlatte.com), introduced in 2007. Developed by Keith Blount to help him write his own novel, Scrivener is available for Mac, Windows and Linux. Along with standard word processing capabilities, Scrivener was designed to maintain notes and research material and enable easy re-organization of elements in long documents. Scrivener maintains text in the RTF format and imports from and exports to standard .TXT files. It also supports text versioning (keeping previous versions intact).

A Scrivener Is a Scribe
The term scrivener means professional writer and is the same as a "scribe," an ancient word for a literate person who could write letters and legal documents.

Scrivener Templates
Geared to the professional writer, Scrivener supports long documents with predefined templates and highly customizable formatting.