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Definition: Parler

(1) See Parlay.

(2) A social networking service similar to X/Twitter that was introduced in 2018. Parler features uncensored free speech and attracts a conservative and alt-right audience. Parler traffic surged in mid-2020 when Twitter began to flag some of President Trump's tweets.

However, after the storming of the U.S. Capitol in January 2021, the Parler apps were dropped from Google and Apple, and Amazon stopped hosting the social network on its AWS cloud. Members immediately began to open accounts with Gab, a service catering to a comparable clientele.

Back Up and Running in a Month
In February 2021, Parler resumed its social media operation on the California-based SkySilk cloud. Apple claimed it would reinstate the iPhone app if Parler added more stringent moderating. The word parler means "to speak" in French. See alt-right, Gab and social networking service.