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Definition: Immersive Sound

A surround sound system that includes height. The Immersive Sound designation was coined by Auro-3D creator Wilfried Van Baelen and adopted by the Society of Motion Picture and TV Engineers (SMPTE). Whereas SMPTE's Immersive Audio refers to surround systems on a horizontal plane such as 5.1 (left-center-right, surround left/right and subwoofer), Immersive Sound adds speakers on the walls above the base layer. It also includes a second height layer with one or more speakers on the ceiling (see Auro-3D).

Immersive Audio
SMPTE has defined criteria for channel-based, object-based and scene-based surround technologies (see surround sound). In the mid-2010s, SMPTE began to create a set of Immersive Audio standards for movie theaters. The Audio Digital Cinema Package (DCP) is a SMPTE standard that allows any immersive mix to be played in a conforming theater. See home theater speakers and SMPTE.

Immersive Sound Formats
Auro-3D, DTS:X and Dolby Atmos are the three major "surround sound with height" technologies, witness the logos on this Denon A/V receiver.