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Definition: FOLED

(Flexible OLED) A flexible OLED screen. Using bendable substrate and viewing layers, the FOLED technology enables foldable screens and a variety of unique products. At CES 2018, LG demonstrated a 65" OLED TV screen that rolls up when not in use. See Galaxy Fold, iPhone Fold, Galaxy Z Flip and OLED. See also PHOLED.

Flexible OLEDs open up the world of creative designs such as this book from Visionox. (Image courtesy of OLED-info, the OLED industry portal.)

A Smartphone in Your Pen?
Flexible OLED screens like this are expected in the future. (Image courtesy of Universal Display Corporation.)

Here Today - "OLED R" Rollable TV
In 2022, LG introduced the 65" OLED R, which rolls down entirely into its sound bar base. Of course, at $100,000, it is hardly for everyone but foreshadows the future of FOLED-based TVs. (Images courtesy of LG Electronics.)