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Definition: DuckDuckGo

A privacy-focused search engine from DuckDuckGo, Inc. that does not track users or store search history. Introduced in 2008, DuckDuckGo is an app for iOS and Android and an extension to the Chrome browser for desktop use. Search results are not based on the user's profile, and everyone receives the same set of answers from the same query.

DuckDuckGo uses the Bing, Yahoo! and Yandex (Russian) search engines, as well as other sources. There are three URLs for the website: www.duckduckgo.com, www.duck.com and www.ddg.gg.

A Privacy Browser
A DuckDuckGo Web browser is also available that features private searching and naturally uses the DuckDuckGo search engine. The browser is available for iOS, Android and Mac. See do-not-track and privacy browser.

DuckDuckGo in Chrome
When used as a browser extension in Chrome, the duck logo appears in the search bar.