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Definition: Dolch

(Dolch Computer Systems, Inc., Fremont, CA) A manufacturer of high-end, ruggedized portable PCs and flat panel displays for industrial use. It introduced the first portable active matrix PC, the first portable 386, 486, Pentium and dual Pentium, and in 1994, the first videoconferencing-equipped portable.

In 1976, Volker Dolch founded Dolch Logic Instruments, which became the largest supplier of logic analyzers in Europe. In 1987, he sold the company and arranged a management buy-out of its American division. In 2005, Kontron AG acquired Dolch and then sold its rugged mobile platform to Azonix in 2007. For more information, visit www.azonix.com.

Dolch PC and Printer
Dolch's NotePAC industrial portable was unique by offering an optional color printer. Its magnesium case and shock-mounted components let it withstand bumps and jolts that would disable other machines. (Image courtesy of Dolch Computer Systems, Inc.)