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Definition: VESA DisplayHDR

A specification from VESA for high dynamic range (HDR) performance on a display screen. DisplayHDR provides five tiers for LCD screens and three for OLED. A TV or monitor must be able to support HDR10 in order to earn DisplayHDR certification. See HDR, VESA, LCD, OLED and VESA.
  Display HDR Specifications

  Min          Typical  Black    Max
  Peak  Color  Dimming  Level    Back
 (Nit)* Gamut   Tech    (Nit)*   Light**

  400   sRGB   Screen    0.4      8
  500   WCG     Zone     0.1      8
  600   WCG     Zone     0.1      8
 1000   WCG     Zone     0.05     8
 1400   WCG     Zone     0.02     8

 OLED True Black
  400   WCG    Pixel     0.0005   2
  500   WCG    Pixel     0.0005   2
  600   WCG    Pixel     0.0005   2

 WCG=Wide Color Gamut (see WCG and sRGB)

 * = Luminance/Nit
       (candela per square meter)

 ** = Adjustment latency in
        number of frames