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Definition: LTE for IoT

(Long Term Evolution for the Internet Of Things) The employment of low-speed and low-power LTE cellular transmission for machine communications. In 2014, approximately 15% of all machine-to-machine (M2M) communications was via cellular, mostly 2G. See LTE, LPWA, 802.11af and IoT.


 3GPP           Down/Up   Band-    Duplex
 Rel/Year  Cat   (Mbps)   width    Mode

  8/2008    1     10/5   20 MHz    Full

 12/2015    0      1/1   20 MHz    F & H

 Low Power Wide Area Categories (LPWA)

 12/2015  LTE-M*   1/1   1.1 MHz   F & H

 13/2016  NB1**    .2    .05 MHz   Half

 *Also called Cat-M1, Cat-M and eMTC.
  Mission critical IoT.  Supports voice.

 ** Also called NB-IoT