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Definition: Cartrivision

The first consumer VCR on the market. Using half-inch (analog) tape cartridges, Cartridge Television, Inc. (CTI) introduced Cartrivision in 1972 as an integrated VCR/TV unit from several TV manufacturers. A camera and stand-alone recorder were also introduced. One type of cartridge was made for home recording, while another was designed for video rental and could not be rewound by the customer. Due to the VCR/TV's high price of $1,600 and cumbersome rental model (the movie had to be shipped to the rental store), CTI went bankrupt a year later. See Betamax and VHS.

A Cartrivision Console
This Cartrivision VCR (on the left) was integrated into the console of an Emerson 25" color TV in 1972. (Image courtesy of LabGuy's World.)