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Definition: AST

(1) See application security testing.

(2) (Abstract Syntax Tree) The original source code format of the low-level WebAssembly language for the Web. See WebAssembly.

(3) (AST Computer, Irvine, CA) A PC manufacturer founded in 1980 by Albert Wong, Safi Quershey and Tom Yuen (A, S and T). AST was initially known for its line of add-in PC memory boards (Rampage and SixPak Plus brands) but also offered a line of PCs sold through its dealer channel. In 1993, AST acquired Tandy Corporation's PC manufacturing facilities. In 1997, the parent company AST Research, Inc. was taken over by Samsung, which struggled to compete with Gateway, Dell and Compaq. In January 1999, Beny Alagem, co-founder of Packard Bell, purchased the AST name and intellectual property rights for a new venture. However, within a year, the once-illustrious brand ceased production altogether.