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Definition: convertible laptop

A Windows laptop computer that can be switched to a tablet style. Also called a "2-in-1," the screen folds back all the way around, turning the machine into a rectangular slate. Because the keyboard is still attached, convertibles are heavier and thicker than regular tablets without keyboards.

Convertible vs. Hybrid
The convertible's screen remains on the unit, whereas the screen on a hybrid laptop (a "detachable") is removed to become the tablet. However, the terms "convertible" and "hybrid" are used interchangeably for both kinds of these double-duty machines. See hybrid laptop, tablet PC and Windows 8.

A Yoga Laptop
Lenovo features its Yoga brand of convertibles. The screen folds back entirely to become a tablet-style computer. (Image courtesy of Lenovo, www.lenovo.com)

Earlier Swivel Screen Models
The feature of the Fujitsu (top) and Novero laptop (bottom) was a screen that first swiveled around in order to fold back on top of the keyboard. (Images courtesy of Fujitsu America, Inc. and Novero North America.)