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Definition: standards bodies

Following are some of the standards bodies defined in this database. For Windows users of CDE, look up Lessons/Review/Associations. For Web users of CDE's online HTML version, review the Lessons list at the bottom of the definition. See standards.

 Body     Responsible for

 ANSI     U.S. standards

 ETSI     European telecom standards

 NIST     U.S. standards

 CCIA     Computers/communications

 EIA      Interface standards; RS-232

 IEC      International standards

 IEEE     Electronics standards

 IETF     Internet standards

 ISO      International standards

 ITU      International standards

 JEDEC    IC standards

 JEIDA    Japanese electronics

 PCMCIA   PC memory card standards

 W3C      Internet

 XAPIA    X.400 standards