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Definition: sound editor

(1) An individual who selects and mixes dialogue, music and special audio effects in the preparation of an audio master for CDs, TV broadcasts, video games or movies. The operation is typically performed offline using a "digital audio workstation" (see DAW).

(2) Software used to edit audio files in the computer. Also called an "audio editor," audio sections can be deleted and mixed, and the pitch, speed and tempo of the material can be modified. The dynamic range can be compressed to make loud parts softer, and special effects can also be added. Most audio editors provide support for a variety of audio formats. Contrast with video editor.

Mono and Stereo Examples
Note the more uniform signal in the mono voice-only example (top) compared with music in the stereo example (below). These audio files are displayed in the free and very popular Audacity sound editor, available at http://audacity.sourceforge.net.