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Definition: snap to

(1) A feature in a drawing program that moves a text or graphic element to the closest grid line. Snap to can also be configured with most mice, which automatically moves the pointer (cursor) to the default button in the current dialog box. See drawing program.

(2) A feature that automatically moves the screen pointer to the default button in a dialog box. The snap to places the cursor directly over the button and eliminates moving the cursor to that location. For example, countless dialog boxes require that the user click OK to close them. In a Yes-No dialog, the snap to can be directed to the answer most commonly chosen. See good user interface.

Snap To the Default Button
A long time ago, this Windows feature caused the cursor to snap to the default button in a dialog box so the cursor is already on top of or near the answer instead of somewhere else on the screen. Sadly, this feature is not always implemented.