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Definition: smart display

(1) A table top device with a virtual assistant and screen. The Echo Show, Echo Spot, Google Nest Hub and Meta Portal are examples. See Amazon Echo, Google Nest and Meta Portal.

(2) A table top Android tablet from ViewSonic that also serves as a 21.5" touchscreen monitor for a desktop or laptop computer via HDMI.

(3) (Smart Display) An earlier thin client from Microsoft that functioned as a remote terminal to a Windows XP PC via Wi-Fi. It also served as a regular monitor. Code-named "Mira" (Spanish for "look") and available with 10" or 15" screens, it ran Windows CE for Smart Display OS and used Remote Desktop to connect. Introduced in 2003, the costly unit was discontinued soon after because it was not popular. LCD monitor prices were dropping, and the XP machine could not be used at the same time. See thin client and Remote Desktop Services.