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Definition: smart clothes

Clothing that monitors the wearer's physical condition. Smart shirts and body suits provide biometric data, such as pulse rate, temperature, muscle stretch, heart rhythm and physical movement, and the data are transmitted via Bluetooth to an app in real time. Although prototypes of electronic textiles date back to the 1980s, it took more than three decades before products began to emerge. See wearable computing and smart.

The Heddoko Garment
The Heddoko body suit tracks a person's movements and sends it to the mobile app in real time. The user is given immediate coaching to make adjustments. (Image courtesy of Heddoko, www.heddoko.com)

Hexoskin Smart Shirts
These smart shirts from Hexoskin track activity, heart rate, breathing rate, breathing volume and more. (Images courtesy of Carre Technologies Inc., www.hexoskin.com)

Athos Live View
Athos smart body suits show which muscles are getting a workout in real time. (Image courtesy of Mad Apparel, Inc., www.liveathos.com)