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Definition: ruggedized drive

A magnetic disk or solid state drive (SSD) that is designed to survive hazards such as water and fire damage or the impact from being dropped or crushed. See ruggedized PC.

Impact and Immersion
IoSafe's Rugged Portables withstand 5,000 pound crushes, 20-foot drops and immersion up to 30 feet for three days. An elastomer support (cut away at bottom) completely surrounds the drive inside the rigid case (top). (Images courtesy of ioSafe, www.iosafe.com)

Fire and Water Protection
IoSafe's SoloPRO units survive a half hour at 1550 degrees Fahrenheit and immersion up to 10 feet for three days. Sealed in a waterproof envelope (bottom), the drive resides in a heavily insulated case (top). (Images courtesy of ioSafe, www.iosafe.com)