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Definition: native cryptocurrency

A blockchain's inherent digital currency. Also called a "native token," "protocol token," "intrinsic token" or "built-in token." In the case of Bitcoin, its only purpose is a cryptocurrency, and its native symbol is BTC. Ethereum's native crypto is ether (ETH); however, along with NFTs and numerous other smart contract-based tokens, Ethereum hosts countless non-native cryptocurrencies. Every independent blockchain has its own native crypto that is used to reward miners and validators for adding blocks to the blockchain and as a payment medium for transaction fees. See Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ethereum token.
                 Native Crypto
   Blockchain       Symbol

   Bitcoin           BTC
   Bitcoin Cash      BCH
   Bitcoin Gold      BTG
   Bitcoin SV        BSV

   Ethereum          ETH
   Ethereum Classic  ETC

   BNB Chain         BNB

   Cardano           ADA

   Dogecoin          DOGE

   Litecoin          LTC

   Monero            XRM

   Polkadot          DOT

   Solana            SOL