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Definition: crypto onchain metrics

Blockchain statistics. People use onchain metrics to determine if the time is right to buy or sell a crypto asset. Common measurements include market cap, transaction volume and miner rewards; however, the MLQ.ai website includes the following metrics for each asset covered, as well as actionable signals for traders. See crypto stats and crypto glossary basics.

Holders Making Money at Current Price
Average cost compared to current price.

Large Holders
Percentage of investors with 0.1% to 1% of supply and "whales" with more than 1%.

Past 30-Days Correlation with Bitcoin
Between asset and BTC.

Percentage of People Holding Asset
Less than one month; one month to one year; one year plus.

Past Week Transactions Greater than $100k
Total number of transactions greater than $100k.

Past Two Weeks Demographics
Percentage of transactions in Western (10am to 10pm UTC) and Eastern (10pm to 10am UTC) time zones.

Exchange Inflows and Outflows
Dollar volume deposited and withdrawn from top centralized exchanges.