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Definition: MT/sec

(MegaTransfers per SECond) A measurement of bus and channel speed in millions of "effective" cycles per second. Also written as "MT/s," it is a rating of the actual, delivered speed rather than the frequency of the clock. For example, if timing is derived from both the rising and falling edges of the cycle rather than one complete cycle, a 400 MHz clock yields 800 MT/sec.

For "gigatransfers," substitute the M with a G (GT/sec, GT/s). For example, at a double data rate, an 800 MHz clock yields 1.6 GT/sec.

MT/sec for RAM
The bus transfer rate for this DDR2 DIMM module is 800 MT/sec, which derives a total bandwidth of 6400 MB/sec (800 x 8 bytes). See memory module.