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Definition: lane departure system

A vehicular safety system designed to keep drivers from drifting out of their lane as well as off the road. Cameras monitor the white and yellow lines (providing they are visible), and if the vehicle crosses the line without the turn signal on, the driver is given a visual and/or audible alert. Known as "steering assist," the lane departure system may also nudge the car back into the lane.

Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS)
The more advanced lane monitoring automatically keeps the car centered in the lane. Also called "lane centering assist," this semiautonomous driving feature requires that drivers keep their hands on the wheel and works when there are no sharp curves in the road as in a major expressway.

On a long trip in late model cars, the combination of lane keeping assist and adaptive cruise control provide a measure of "auto pilot" without being driverless. See automotive safety systems.

Turning On Lane Keep Assist
The steering wheel control on this 2017 Honda turns on Lane Keep Assist. If the car begins to move into another lane without using the turn signal, the steering wheel gives a gentle pulsation to nudge the driver back into lane and also moves the car appropriately.

Keep Your Hands on the Wheel
Although the car will be steered automatically within the lane, drivers are alerted if they take their hands off the wheel.