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Definition: Android market share

As of 2020, Android's market share of smartphones is approximately 75% worldwide. Android phones and Apple's iPhone make up 98% of the smartphone market. The reason Android has a greater market share is that there are dozens of manufacturers making Android phones compared to one company, Apple, producing iPhones. Also while Samsung's flagship phones can cost more than USD $1,000, there are Android phones for as little as $50. Apple's entry level iPhone SE is priced at $399.

Android Set the Bar for Bigger
In addition to price, for the first seven years smartphones were on the market (2007 to 2014), iPhones had relatively small screens, while Android models were offered with much larger displays. As the smartphone market exploded, people enjoyed the larger screen real estate, which today is commonplace. Apple's first iPhone with a large screen was the iPhone 6 in 2014. See Android, iPhone, iPhone 6 and phablet.