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Definition: iPhone 4s

The fifth model of Apple's smartphone, introduced in October 2011. Housed in an almost-identical case as the iPhone 4, the 4s sports numerous internal changes, including a fast dual-core A5 CPU, dual antennas and an eight-megapixel camera with improved optics. The iPhone 4s debuted with the iOS 5 operating system, which provides cloud storage for a user's content (see iOS versions and iCloud). See iPhone, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.

The Siri Intelligent Assistant
A highly touted feature of the 4s was Siri, a voice-based command system that answers questions and takes dictation. For more details, see Siri.

Siri Is Built In
Looking identical to the 4, the iPhone 4s included numerous internal enhancements. The 4s featured the Siri intelligent assistant (center), and the camera's crop function is shown on the right. (Image courtesy of Apple Inc.)