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Definition: iPhone 4

The fourth model of Apple's smartphone, which debuted in June 2010. The primary changes were multitasking, higher resolution (see Retina Display), larger battery, home screen folders, voice control, five-megapixel camera, thinner case and video calling. A front-facing Webcam and Apple's FaceTime app enabled iPhone 4 users, 4th-generation iPod touch users and Mac users to video call each other over Wi-Fi (as of iOS 6, FaceTime over cellular was added). In addition, a single tap switched the phone from front to back camera to turn the unit into a remote video camera for the person at the other end of the call. See iPhone 4s, iPhone and Antennagate.

The iPhone 4
With the flat metal band surrounding the unit, the iPhone 4 had a distinct look from its predecessors. (Image courtesy of Apple Inc.)