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Definition: iPhone 8

A current model of the iPhone, which includes the 4.7" iPhone 8 and 5.5" 8 Plus. Introduced in 2017 along with the flagship iPhone X, the iPhone 8 design is similar to the three previous iPhones in appearance. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have glass backs, wireless charging and improvements in the screen, camera and speakers.

Models come with at least 64GB of storage, twice that of the iPhone 7. The 8 has only one camera lens, but the 8 Plus has wide-angle and telephoto. Both models integrate iOS 11 and use Apple's A11 CPU with four energy-efficient cores and two high-performance cores for gaming. More user interface changes were made in the iPhone X (iPhone 10) than in the iPhone 8 line (see iPhone X). See iPhone.

iPhone 8 True Tone
For more comfortable viewing, Apple's True Tone adjusts the red, green and blue pixels (white balance) based on the ambient light. (Image courtesy of Apple Inc.)