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Definition: iPad mini

Apple's smallest iPad, introduced in 2012. Starting with the mini 2, all mini models use Apple's Retina Display. The mini 2 cellular option included more LTE data bands, enabling models to be used throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

The mini 3 added Apple's Touch ID fingerprint scanner. The thinner, lighter mini 4 featured an improved camera, and debuting with iOS 9, took advantage of the split screen mode that displays two apps side-by-side. The Apple Pencil was added to the mini 5. The screen on the 6th-generation mini is a bit larger than the 7.9" screen on the mini 5. The iPad, Retina Display and Touch ID.


                       Weight  Max.
 Gen (Year) Resolution (lbs) Storage CPU

 8.3" Screen
 6  (2021)  2266x1488   .66  256GB  A15

 5  (2019)  2048x1536   .66
 4  (2015)  2048x1536   .65
 3  (2014)  2048x1536   .73
 2  (2013)  2048x1536   .73
 1  (2012)  1024x768    .69