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Definition: iPad

(1) See also iPod (Apple's music player).

(2) A very popular tablet from Apple, introduced in April 2010. The iPadOS operating system and user interface are similar to the iPod touch and iPhone; however, because of the larger screen, iPads are able to replace a laptop for many purposes. All iPads come with Wi-Fi, and cellular access is optional.

iOS and iPadOS
Since their debut, iPads used Apple's iOS mobile operating system, which is also the OS in the iPhone and iPod touch. Starting in the fall of 2019, the iPad line switched to its own OS (see iPadOS). See iOS.

iPad Pro
Pro models are top of the line. Initially available with a 12.9" screen. smaller models came later (see iPad Pro). In 2021, Pro models were powered by Apple's M1 chip.

iPad Air
In 2013, the iPad Air was named to reflect its light weight, but subsequent non-Air models became just as light. The Air was discontinued until 2019 (see iPad Air).

iPad mini
With a 7.9" screen, mini models are always the smallest in the iPad line (see iPad mini).

Hundreds of Thousands of iPhone Apps
Apps written for the iPad take advantage of the larger screen, but the iPad runs most iPhone apps intact and can display them at twice their original size. See tablet and iPed.

The First iPads
Prior to the iPad, tablets had come and gone, but like the iPhone, the iPad "upset the Apple cart" again. Today, iPads are mainstream, along with Android and Windows tablets. (Image courtesy of Apple Inc.)

                      Weight  Max.
 Gen (Year) Resolution (lbs) Storage CPU

 12.9" Pro
 6  (2022)  2732x2048  1.5    2TB    M2

 11" Pro
 4  (2022)  2388x1668  1.04   2TB    M2

 10.9" Air
 10 (2022)  2360x1640  1.05  256GB   A14

 10.2" iPad
 9  (2022)  2160x1620  1.07  256GB   A13

 7.9" mini
 5  (2019)  2048x1536   .66  256GB   A12