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Definition: hyperconnected

(1) The high-tech communications of the 21st century delivered by local networks, broadcast media, telephone networks and the Internet, all of which is 24/7 and never ceases. It encompasses radio, television, phone and video calls, texting, email, blogs, forums, chat rooms, instant messaging, social media interactions, as well as access to corporate data. Starting with the iPhone's introduction in 2007, the smartphone has connected more people to more things than any other electronic device because people keep it with them almost constantly. See hyper.

(2) The enormous volume of information that can be obtained about a person via the Internet. It is a common practice to use the same email address for every online account and even the same password. In addition, users' Internet addresses (IP addresses) are often a constant that can be used to identify them. The problem with today's hyperconnected life style is that not only can a huge amount of information be derived for one individual, but if a password is compromised, numerous online accounts may be vulnerable.