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Definition: hybrid smartwatch

A computer-based watch with a traditional analog face that has a select number of health and smartwatch features. A hybrid smartwatch has no apps but may deliver notifications and alerts; however, battery life is measured in months, not hours. In addition, it may provide continuous monitoring of heart and oxygen rate and may deliver a single-event electrocardiogram (ECG). See smartwatch.

The ZeTime Watch With Classic Hands
The first watch to combine mechanical hands and a color touchscreen, there is actually a hole in the screen to accommodate the rods that rotate the hour and minute hands. (Image courtesy of Kronoz LLC.)

Withings Hybrid Smartwatch
Withings watches appeal to people who have no desire to learn another user interface but want basic health monitoring (BPM is heartbeats per minute). This model also provides analysis of the wearer's sleep cycles. (Image courtesy of Withings.)