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Definition: how to use this encyclopedia

This encyclopedia is both a dictionary and a text book. Fundamental terms are explained in depth, while many technical terms are explained in more technical language.

Virtual Hypertexting - Windows Version
All technical terms used to define a term are also defined. In the Windows version of this encyclopedia, you can quickly jump to a definition of a word used within another definition by clicking on the word or highlighting a word phrase. Go back where you came from by clicking the Review button (Left Arrow).

Lesson Lists - Windows Version
Be sure to look up "Lessons," which are lists of terms by topic. They serve as a springboard to many different terms about the subject. The Lesson lists will remember the last term you looked up the next time you open them.

New to Windows?
There are Windows tutorials (see Win abc's and Win10 abc's) for complete newcomers to Windows, and there are numerous Windows how to's all beginning with the "Win" prefix in the index. There are also common DOS/Windows and Unix/Linux/Mac syntax examples if you want to execute commands from the command line (see Windows commands and Unix commands).

Good luck and happy computing!